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Increase average order value

Our algorithms predict the products most likely to be purchased by the individual customer. These predictions are made based on personal data and related purchased, as well as many other factors. Your transaction value will grow as a direct result. 

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Retention and customer loyalty

A personalized customer journey is the most effective way to differentiate your business from your competitors. It gives your customers a smooth experience and lets you track behavioral data, that you can use to boost relevance even further. As a result, your customers will be eager to return to your site repeatedly. 

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Increase overall conversion rates

1:1 personalization lets you communicate relevance to your customers throughout the entire customer journey. That means your customers will find exactly what they are looking for when they need it. 

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Improve search engine rankings

Personalized product recommendations decrease your bounce rate. At the same time, they increase avg. session duration and avg. page views. This means that search engines will view your site as more relevant and rank it higher. 

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Personlization in all channels on all devices

Raptor is channel and device agnostic. That means we provide personalization across your entire customer journey, on web, email, physical stores, mobile, paid media, and more. It also means that we can track behavioral data across all devices and build a single customer record. 

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Solutions that adapt to your strategy

Our personalization solutions are always customized to fit your individual business goals. We are proud of our flexibility and agility, and the results we create with our clients. 


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