Interview: Bizzkit is launched with Raptor as a partner

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After 16 years, Hesehus’ e-commerce platform has become a market-leading platform among the largest companies in Denmark. With the latest version, the new name Bizzkit has been revealed and the international expansion has been accelerated.

Today the platform is used by more than 100 of the largest Danish and Scandinavian brands. With the new launch, Bizzkit is ready to be implemented on top-1000 international webshops.

In the video above, you can hear about the amazing results that have already emerged from the partnership. Zizzi has been a marked leader in curvy fashion since the year 2000, and with the Bizzkit platform, they have seen an incredible increase in performance.

Raptor provides Personalization

We are enormously proud to be an official partner in the Bizzkit e-commerce platform. Our role in the ecosystem is to provide data and software to the highly personalized solutions that Bizzkit implements.

Read more about our services here.

In relation to the launch, we interviewed Lars Hedal, founder and Managing Director of Hesehus. We talked about the advantages to our mutual clients, how add-on partners are selected, and the importance of personalizing the user experience.

Ecosystem e-commerce platform

One of the most prominent advantages is the optimized customer journey that Bizzkit provides. Lars Hedal describes it as the standardized flexibility that large brands demand.

“When it comes to the customer journey, it is crucial to meet the demands and expectations of your customers. To do so a certain degree of flexibility and technical performance is required, and Bizzkit offers the possibility to meet your customers when and where they interact with your brand.” Says Lars Hedal

Bizzkit currently collaborates with 30 add-on partners and technology providers. Together they make up the ecosystem that surrounds the core of the platform and provide the necessary flexibility.


Personalization increases revenue

The business case for personalization is rather straightforward, and when we asked Lars about Raptor’s role in Bizzkit, he absolutely agreed: 

“When you have a large product selection, personalization is an obvious need, and the return on investment is almost immediate. For large webshops, personalization is as essential as optimizing for mobile use.” Says Lars Hedal and continues: 

“When you increase the relevance of your content and product selections, you will always see an increase in your sales.”

The future of Raptor and Bizzkit

The partnership between Hesehus and Raptor has existed for years, and we have always been able to achieve great results for our mutual clients. Lars Hedal explains how:

“Both our organizations are very ambitious and dedicated. Everyone listens to inputs from each other, and that is what makes our partnership so strong.” 

He elaborates on his point: 

“Both companies are born from commerce, so our mindsets are similar in that we have a clear focus on creating value for our customers and increasing their revenue. We want things to work and performance to be high, so ever since the beginning, the bar has been set high!” 

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