You can quickly set up Raptor Catalog Enhancement using our 5-step wizard. This will integrate your feed with Google Ads, which is a prerequisite for using Catalog Enhancement. 

Getting started

Login to the Raptor Control Panel.  

Go to Products and click on ‘Ad Advisor’ 

Here you will find a set of modules to tune or activate. In this case, we want to activate one of the two Google Shopping Feed Optimizer algorithms. Consult your Raptor contact person if you are in doubt which Module to activate. 

Click on ‘Activate’ to begin the 5-step wizard.  

Catalog Enhancement - Activate Shopping Feed

Click on Begin’ to start the integration between Raptor and your Google Ads account.   

Google Shopping Feed Optimizer - Begin

Step 1

Select ‘when’ and ‘how’ often the product feed should be updated. This should be timed with the update of all the other feeds. We recommend that you update the Raptor feed one hour before you normally update your own feeds.

Once a day should be enough for most clients. If you wish to update your feed with a higher frequency please consult your Raptor contact person.  

Google Shopping Feed Optimizer - Schedule

Step 2

Upload your product feed through the SFTP feature in Google Merchant Center.  

To find your SFTP username and password, follow the steps on the right-hand side of the picture below. Wewillwalk youthroughthe steps now. 

Google Shopping Feed Optimizer - Upload SFTP

First, you must go to your Google Merchant Center account.  

Go to settings in the upper right corner and click ‘SFTP’. 

Google Shopping Feed Optimizer - SFTP

Look for username and password.

Google Shopping Feed Optimizer - SFTP Setting

Copy and paste both things and return to the Raptor interface.

 If the username and password are entered  correctly, you will get a success message.

Step 3

Go back to Google Merchant Center and follow the 4 steps on the right-hand side from the Raptor interface. 

Google Shopping Feed Optimizer - Supplemental Feeds

In Google Merchant Center you go-to products > feeds > and click on Add supplemental feed’. 

Google Shopping Feed Optimizer - Add Supplemental feed

In this step, you are required to name your supplemental feed. This name is of your choice but should be something you can remember later.  

Choose to Upload’ your feed and connect to the Merchant Center. 

Then click ‘continue’.  

Input the file name you chose in the previous step. This must be an exact match. 

Google Shopping Feed Optimizer - Supplemental feeds

The final step is to choose where to add the new data.  It should match where you buy your shopping ads. 

Finish by clickingcreatefeed’.

Google Shopping Feed Optimizer - Supplemental Feeds

Now you are finished in Google Merchant Center and can return to the Raptor interface. 

Write the exact same names as you did in Google Merchant Center. 

Then click on ‘next step’. 

Google Shopping Feed Optimizer - Supplemental feed done

Step 4

Input your Google Ads account ID, which you find using the guide on the right-hand side. Click on ‘Finish’.

Connect Google Ads Account

Step 5

You have now completed the feed integration.

It can take up to 48 hours to approve the supplemental attributes by Google.  

When the parameters are visible in Google Ads you can start pushing the budget to the recommendations.  

When you have completed all the following steps, the variable will be available in your Google Ads.

You can now choose to use the variable to filter and target campaigns towards specific products.

Do you need help setting up Raptor Catalog Enhancement?

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