The Customer Data Platform (CDP) solves one of the hardest challenges facing businesses today: To unify customer data across the organization, including known user data, to deliver truly consistent customer experiences across channels.

To do so, you need a platform that updates in real-time, provides a complete overview of your customers, and enables you to operationalize that knowledge.

The platform brings personalization that grows with your business and treats every customer as an individual, even as your customer base grows far beyond what your team could manually manage.

If you want to personalize your customer experience across all touchpoints and channels, then this guide is useful for you.

Table of contents:

  • What is a Customer Data Platform?

  • Why do I need a CDP?

  • Different components in a CDP

  • The role of your team

  • Data security

  • Implementation and integration

  • Further reasons to invest in a CDP

  • Customer Data Platform ROI