You can now combine the product control of our Merchandising Center and the advanced audiences from our Customer Data Platform.

With our new integration from our Merchandising Center to our Customer Data Platform, you can now easily choose a set of specific products that you want to boost to your created audiences from the Customer Data Platform audience builder.

Raptor CDP target CDP audience Merchandising Center

There are many ways to utilize this feature, so we have made some examples of how you can use it for your business below.


Target “Brand Lover” audiences with specific brand products.

Create a list of products from a specific brand, that you want to expose to an audience consisting only of users that have shown high interest in the specific brand across all your channels and platforms.


Target customers that only buy products that have a discount.

Select a list of products on discount, that you want to expose to a created audience of users that only buys when products of interest are on discount and exclude users that buy products that are not on discount.

These examples are just a few ways of how you can utilize our new integration.

You can read more about our Merchandising Center by clicking here.