Raptor Services was founded in February 2013. However, the product – Raptor Smart Advisor – has existed for many years and was originally developed by d60. Raptor Smart Advisor originates from competencies within Business Intelligence, Software Development and many years of experience from the e-commerce industry.

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Raptor Services is a true omnichannel market leader within behavioral recommendations using advanced algorithms, datamining and machine learning. Our data platform collects, learns and recognizes each individual and their interactions – making marketers able to empower relevant content based on consumer behavior across platforms and channels.

The behavioral understanding of processed data makes it possible to create individual customer profiles down to a 1:1 scale. Using behavioral recommendations, Raptor Smart Advisor creates memorable user experiences with personalized recommendations of relevant products in real time. Customers will increase basket size, and they will return for more as your offers become more relevant. This will increase customer experience and satisfaction rates.

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Like a Raptor (bird of prey) hovering above ground, Raptor have a constant overview of visitor behavior, preferences, and buying patterns. Raptor makes it easy to spot trends and act on new business opportunities in the market.

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The raptor is focused and keeps a sharp eye on every visitor, thus making it possible to target a user with the right products or content.

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The raptor elevates the shopping experience – focused on delivering a unique customer experience.

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Raptor helps you spread your “selling wings” and provides customers with tailored products and content on every platform and channel.

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The raptor, hovering above ground, has a constant overview of users’ visiting and buying patterns, which helps you spot trends and business opportunities.

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