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Ad Advisor

Optimize sales, improve product selection and increase conversion rates in your product listing and banner ads. 

Use your website data to deliver personalized recommendations that are tailored to each individual and their unique shopping behavior. 

Personalization for banners

With Personalization for Banners you take control of the messaging in your banner ads.

Personalization for banners will reduce banner blindness, since users are exposed to products they interacted with previously.

Advertising platforms are like black boxes and your display banners will be generic if you don’t take control of the output.

What you are exposed to in a banner should be decided by algorithms that differentiate between known and unknown users and is tailored to the individual user preferences and behavior.

Catalog Enhancement

With Catalog Enhancement you are in control of which products you are promoting in your shopping feed ads, whether it being on Facebook, Google or third platform.  

With Catalog Enhancement you are adding new product attributes containing business critic logics, to your existing product catalog. When boosting products with parameters such as high-margin, bestseller or revenue–per–visit, you will be able to differentiate yourself from competitors and improve your performance in your product listing ads. 

Improves Metrics & Drive Sales

Drive more revenue through ads with personalized product recommendations.

  • Maximize the value of each bought impression

  • Reduce banner blindness

  • Increase ROI & Click-through Rate

  • And many other metrics!

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A complete suite of personalization solutions tailored to your business


Web Advisor offers advanced recommendation modules to drive sales, improve product selection, maximize cross-selling, increase conversion rates, and significantly enhance the user experience on your website.

Our personalized recommendations offer your visitors recommendations that are specifically targeted to their unique tastes and shopping behavior.

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Email Advisor offers advanced recommendation modules to drive more sales through your email channel.

Newsletter campaigns will experience increased average sale values, improved cross-selling, and lower bounce rates by providing advanced recommendations to subscribers via email.

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Ad Advisor use website data to deliver an advanced recommendation in banners and product ads. Use our products “Personalization for banners” or “Catalog Enhancement” to optimize sales, improve product selection, and increase conversion rates.

Our personalized recommendations offer users options that are specifically targeted to their unique tastes and shopping histories.

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Use Behavioral Triggers to send targeted email reminders to subscribers that have shown high interest in a product or have placed a product in their basket without completing the purchase.

Choose from our many different triggers such as Abandoned Basket, Product Interest, Price Drop, etc.

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Search Advisor re-ranks the search result of each individual visitor based on their previous purchases, certain affinities, price level, and current online behavior.

Create an overview of a large range of products and provide the best, personalized experiences for each individual visitor.

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