Internal Site Search: Improve UX and increase your relevance

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Raptor Search Advisor can help you provide relevant search results that make it easier for your users to find what they are looking for. In turn it increases your conversion rate, in some cases, by more than 10%. In this article you can read how we do it:

Internal or on-site search has several features that make it easier for user to find what they are looking for:

  • Typo correction

  • Multi-language support

  • Elimination of results that are expired or give no results

  • Promoting results that are new, related, or have a higher margin

  • Demoting results that have a low rating or are sold out

  • Predictive “live-search” results. (In the example to the right “sh” is typed in the search box, and we are already seeing shorts and shirts.)

Search autocomplete - personalized search

Combining these basic features with personalization technology can improve user experience even further. Search results that are based on cookies and real-time browsing behavior will always be more relevant to the user, which means that your conversions will increase.

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On-site search solutions

Whether you have a web shop, a travel agency, or a content platform, you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing your on-site search.

Enterprise search engines

Common examples include Solr and Elasticsearch, which are open-source, enterprise-grade search engines. Many large ecommerce platforms use these solutions, because they are open-source and highly customizable. It is possible to add your own filters, facets, and typo correction , but it comes with a relatively high implementation cost.

SaaS search engines

Cludo, Swiftype, and Algolia are examples of SaaS on-site search solutions. They offer an internal search engine through a pay-as-you-go model. This is also known as a box model, which usually means that it has a shorter time-to-market and it is often cheaper to implement than the enterprise search solutions.

Why personalized search?

To illustrate why personalized search will improve the user experience and conversion rate on almost any site, we can consider this example: Let’s say I own a small townhouse with a front lawn, but you own a large mansion with a yard and gardens. I’m looking for a small electrical lawnmower and you might be looking for a larger riding mower.

If we both go the same web shop and search for “lawnmower”, we would often be presented with the same products. If the on-site search engine displays regular petrol push-mowers, neither one of us will be very happy with our first search. We might even leave the web shop and go looking for our lawnmowers somewhere else.

On the other hand, with personalized search we would each be presented with a lawnmower in the category that we are looking for, making us less inclined to leave, but more inclined to make a purchase. And that is the reason why personalized search will decrease your bounce rate and increase your overall conversion rate.

Raptor Search Advisor

At Raptor Services we have developed a Search Advisor. We offer a layer of relevance that you can integrate into any existing enterprise or SaaS search solution on your site.  Our Machine Learning Algorithms  will make sure to present only the most relevant results by re-ranking your on-site search. Alternatively, if you do not have a search function, we can provide you with the entire search solution.

To read about our other personalization tools, please click here to go to our ‘Services’ section.

Our Search Advisor algorithm is based on tracking from millions of data points in the form of real-time browser and purchase behavior. We track everything from most sold products to most relevant products in relation to time. We can even recommend products based on weather conditions and geographical position.

When site-owners start to utilize 1 on 1 communication tools, such as Search Advisor, they will almost always experience a drop in internal site searches, but this is a good thing! When users are presented with the most relevant results, they simply convert faster, and more often, because they don’t have to search as many times. It increases their user experience and it increases your revenue!

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