achieves a ROAS of 650% and a CTR-increase of 38.2% with Raptor’s Ad Advisor.

In 2007, opened their first physical store, providing a wide variety of living and home products. Shortly after, they launched their webshop and quickly began realizing the potential in Google’s different options for driving relevant traffic to the webshop.

In 2018, we developed a new algorithm, based on the fundamentals of the Raptor algorithm query language. The algorithm Is tailored to business needs in Google, and was the first to implement it into their Google Ads setup.

Following the implementation, they increased their ad spend on Google Shopping with 40% and has achieved a ROAS of 650% on the extra ad spend invested!

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The algorithm builds automated ads based on expected sales per click within the different product categories. When compared to regular Google Shopping categories these ads cause CTR, Share of Search Impressions, and Share of Clicks to increase greatly.


Click Through Rate
Share of Search Impressions
Share of Clicks
Return on Ad Spend

After we started using Raptor for our Product Listing Ads, we have seen our CTR, ROAS and Impression Share increase greatly! We are dynamically adjusting the product groups in our bidding strategy, to ensure that our Google Ads bidding now reflects the trends tracked on the website, and by automating the process, we are saving both time and resources. Most importantly, the higher CTR and conversion rate means that we are able to increase our share of ad impressions and still meet our ROAS goals.

Lars Friis Hansen, Customer Success Manager

Raptor is one of a few selected Google Technology Partners in Denmark. In 2019, it will be even easier for our customers to integrate and benefit from our personalization technology in all Google Ads products.

I am excited to add Raptor Services A/S to our exclusive list of technology partners. An increasing number of businesses focus on creating relevant and personalized interactions with consumers, and Raptor helps them by improving the Google Ads suite products with personalization strategies.

Thomas Aebeløe, Head of Channel Sales, Google Denmark

Ad Advisor is fast to implement and guarantees a high ROI! Please contact our Head of Paid Media, Anders Spicker Rasmussen, if you would like more information on Ad Advisor, and what Raptor can do for your performance in the Google Ads suite.

Director, Paid Media, Anders Spicker Rasmussen

Anders Spicker Rasmussen,
Director, Paid Media

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