We are excited to welcome Anders, who will be working as our new E-commerce and CRM Specialist.

Anders is a part of the first class of graduates from the new Bachelor in E-commerce at Business Academy Aarhus. This is the first education in Denmark solely focused on e-commerce and digital marketing. The education was made because there is a high demand from companies such as Raptor, which are looking for people who have the skills and experience in those areas.  

I look forward to helping and creating value for Raptors new and existing clients. I have the most updated knowledge from the customer`s point of view and now being on the supplier side, I can’t wait to use that knowledge to help as many clients as possible to achieve success. I am proud to be a part of Raptor and I am exciting for the work to come.

As a part of Anders education, he was an intern at WhiteAway Group who owns brands such as Skousen, WhiteAway, and Tretti. Different from normal internshipsAnders spent almost a year at WhiteAway Group. Starting with a period of full-time work, downscaling it to a period of two days a week combined with the other three days spent at school. This gave Anders the opportunity to use the most updated industry knowledge and theory from his education and test it in real life situations at WhiteAway Group. 

Furthermore, Anders has experience in other areas of digital marketing such as SEO, Analytics, Facebook and Google Ads from previous internships and student jobs.

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