You need to step away from the “one-size-fits-all” principle and start thinking in terms of “one-to-one”. The reason is that you need to stand out in your subscriber’s inboxes, since the amount of emails an average person receives is so high, that the subscriber will move on to the next newsletter if your email does not live up to the expectations.

There are different levels of personalization in email marketing. This whitepaper contains tips and tricks, that depending on your company size, number of subscribers, resources and other factors will have different relevance for your company.

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Raptor is a true omnichannel market leader within behavioral recommendations using advanced algorithms, datamining and machine learning. Our data platform collects, learns and recognizes each individual and their interactions – making marketers able to empower relevant content based on consumer behavior across all platforms and channels.

Senior Customer Success Specialist, Martin Rubæk

Martin Rubæk,
Senior Specialist, Customer Success

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