Singles Day (November 11), Black Friday (November 29) and Cyber Monday (December 2) are probably some of the most important days for every e-commerce.

The question each year is how your company is going to stand out among competitors, that will most likely have the same discounts as you? If you can’t compete on price, you have to add something else to stand out.

This whitepaper will give you tips, tricks, and inspiration on how you can personalize your marketing channels, for Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday to stand out among your competitors. If you implement personalization it can help your business improve revenue, basket size, and customer engagement during these big three discount days in the holiday season.

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Raptor is a true omnichannel market leader within behavioral recommendations using advanced algorithms, datamining and machine learning. Our data platform collects, learns and recognizes each individual and their interactions – making marketers able to empower relevant content based on consumer behavior across all platforms and channels.

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Senior Specialist, Customer Success

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