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Merchandising Center

E-commerce visual merchandising is a practice of displaying products to attract your customers’ attention, highlights products, and maximize your sales.

Why do you need a Merchandising Center?

Raptor Merchandising Center adds campaign tools to personalization, and lets you setup and manage active sales campaigns. This enables detailed control of which products should take precedence in specific modules, increasing product exposure just where you want it 

Using the Merchandising Center requires existing usage of at least one of the Raptor Advisors  (Web, Email, Ad or Search). 

Raptor Merchandising Center utilizes your recommendation modules as advertising space on the channel of your choice and lets you put specific items right in the customer’s line of sight, combining customer relevance and campaign promotion. Make brand specific campaigns or advertise specific items you want to move from stock. Sell top spots to suppliers or prioritize high-margin products by boosting them to the top spots. 

Merchandising Center automatically tracks campaign performance to let you know what resonates with your customers. 

Take a look at the Merchandising Centers simple yet powerful interface below. 

A quick demo of our Merchandising Center

Merchandising Center Step-by-Step


1. Schedule Campaign

Name your campaign and specify campaign time period. 

Choose a specific period or start the campaign immediately. 

Both options can be with or without an end date.

2. Reach people where they are

Choose which channels you want to target the users in. 

You can choose multiple channels, if you have the specific Advisors. 


3. Select Modules

Choose the modules that you want to boost your products in. 

A module can only be active in one campaign at a time. 

4. Product Search 

Find and add products you want to boost in your campaign. 

Use the standard search options and select products by searching for a specific id, name or category. Or use the advanced search option and build fluid product selections by defining more detailed parameters. 


5. Choose boosting level  

Choose Bosting level to define how much attention your chosen products will get in the defined modules. 

Low Level 

  • Show the selected products slightly more. 
  • Support relevant of the recommended products more than showing your selected products.

Medium Level 

  • Show the selected products a fair amount more. 
  • Balance the relevance of the recommended products with the desire to show your selected products more.

High Level

  • Show the selected products as the first products of the module. 
  • Balance the relevance of the recommended products with the desire to show your selected products more. 

6. Summary 

A complete overview of all your choices during the process of creating your merchandising campaign. 


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