Each year we acknowledge our most contributing partners with a gold or silver badge. The badge is awarded as a visual “seal of approval” showing clients that you have all the required skills to ensure excellent consultancy and efficient implementation of Raptor solutions.

Gold Partners
Silver Partners
Partner Badge

Raptor Gold Partner

Raptor Gold Partners have the highest level of expertise and with a best-in-class and continuing updated approach they ensure clients that neither time nor money is wasted. Clients are also guaranteed that a Gold Partner has a long-proven track record of implementing successful solutions. Raptor Gold Partners have gained all necessary training and certifications from Raptor Academy.

Benefits of being a Raptor Gold Partner

  • You will be top prioritized in sales referrals

  • You will get the highest priority in co-marketing funds/executive sponsorships

  • You will be offered top priority in sales support and other support matters

  • You will be offered on-demand training, webinars and free of charge learning resources

  • You will get top priority “gold badge” banding on Raptors website

  • You will be prioritized and mentioned in Raptor cases

  • You will be prioritized in Raptors social media cross-promotion

  • You will be able to publish blog posts on Raptors website

  • You can benefit from the close collaboration influencing the continuous feature- and product development of Raptor solutions

  • With the golden “seal of approval”, you can flash your badge on e.g. your website, in your e-mail signature, or on your “trophy shelf” at the office

Gold Partners



IMPACT is a leading agency specializing in developing digital commerce solutions and experiences that transform B2B and B2C businesses. Together with our clients, we create technologically complex solutions that, at the surface, translate into an intuitive and seamless customer experience.

Raptor Silver Partner

Raptor Silver Partners have a high level of expertise and have gained several certifications from Raptor Academy. Clients are also guaranteed that a Silver Partner has a long and proven track record of implementing well-performing solutions.

Benefits of being a Raptor Silver Partner

  • You will be prioritized in sales referrals

  • You will get priority in co-marketing funds/executive sponsorships

  • You will be offered priority in sales support and other support matters

  • You will be offered free training and webinars

  • You will get “silver badge” branding on Raptors website

  • You will be prioritized and mentioned in Raptor cases

  • You will be prioritized in Raptors social media cross-promotion

  • With the silver “seal of approval”, you can flash your badge on e.g. your website, in your e-mail signature or on your “trophy shelve” in the office

Silver Partners


Alpha Solutions

Alpha Solutions is one of the leading development houses in the Nordics with expertise in digital commerce. We develop advanced solutions and provide technical business know-how that makes e-commerce simple, automated, and personalized.



Hesehus is one of Denmark’s leading e-commerce solution providers and has created online success for e.g. Matas, BabySam, and Zizzi. Hesehus employs 125 people in Odense, has several times been awarded as the best to create results, and has achieved 6 x gold at the E-Commerce Award.

Learn more


Kraftvaerk is an IT consultancy focused on business development. We develop high-quality solutions and services with the purpose of adding value to our clients through increased coherence between business systems, business processes, and people. Well established in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Helsinki, Stockholm, and St. Petersburg – Simplify the everyday lives of more than 100 private and public clients – national as well as international – With more than 150 experienced colleagues we are always ready to develop your next solid IT solution.



We are 300+ developers, strategists, designers, data scientists, and marketing specialists who work together to strengthen our clients’ businesses.
We are digital specialists in a variety of different fields, but we all have the same business-orientated and fact-based approach.

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Vertica is a dedicated e-commerce agency with more than 90 employees – based in Aarhus and Copenhagen. We have existed for more than 18 years, and we innovate and develop award-winning e-commerce solutions for B2B and B2C along with a line of very ambitious companies.

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How do you get a Partner Badge

We are tremendously grateful to those of our partners that go “the extra mile” in our partnership and therefore we are proud and happy to recognize their effort with a congratulating Gold or Silver Raptor Badge. Within three important areas, we have defined a list of contributing efforts to achieve the recognition and some of them are listed here.



  • Raptor Academy certifications – deep/broad and updated product knowledge

  • Invests significantly time, knowledge, and hard work

  • Makes an extraordinary effort (X-Factor)

  • Contributes to customer success by enabling excellent consultancy and efficient implementation of Raptor solutions


  • Total sales contribution

  • Total subscription value

  • Growth rate (e.g. growing existing customer subscription X %)

  • Upsell/cross-sell performance

  • Realization of full customer potential

  • Contributes to pull requests

  • Takes initiatives that support sales and marketing

  • A long time of successful cooperation and ability to obtain customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value


  • Co-branding cases (quality web presence)

  • Co-hosting events and webinars

  • Prioritizing Social Media activities

  • High prioritizing of ongoing business reviews with Raptors Partner Management Team

Each time we reward a partner we will give a specific description of why we appreciate and acknowledge their contribution to our partnership.

How is the Partner Reward Program practiced?

The badge is awarded or renewed for a one-year period and will be announced by Raptors Partner Management Team at the end of August on our website and LinkedIn.

The badge reflects the partner’s work for the past 12 months and comes with a mark of the year e.g. “Raptor Gold Partner 2020”. When a partner has been rewarded with a badge the partner can flash it on their platforms for one year. The badge will also be displayed on their “Partner Profile” on Raptors website for potential clients to see.


Every August Raptors Partner Management Team will evaluate and select which partners are entitled to earn the badge – or renew it. The nomination will be based on their contributing efforts during the past 12 months.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our reward program.

Contact us

Global Partner Director, Jeppe Godske Olsen

Jeppe Godske Olsen,
Global Partner Director

Phone: +45 5120 8821
Email: jgo@raptor.dk

Partner Sales Specialist, Kirsten Düsterdich

Kirsten Düsterdich
Partner Sales Specialist

Phone: +45 2040 8020
Email: kmd@raptor.dk

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