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Collect, learn and recognize each of your visitors’ behavior and interactions. Make real-time personalized product recommendations to create a unique shopping experience and ensure that you always stay relevant.

Personal Recommendations

This module provides recommendations based on a user’s history on the website, in the form of complementary product recommendations.

These personal recommendations can inspire customers to consider products they might be interested in.

This section may be called “Recommendations Based on Your History” or “Products that You May be Interested in”.

Top-selling / Most Popular

A modules of the most popular products sold or viewed across the website.

These modules take previous user behavior and interactions into consideration, so the recommended products are based on valid and individual data.

The Most Popular module produces a list of products that are popular on the website.

This is a dynamic module, since it is based on the latest 1000 product views.

Products to content/Content to products

This module generates a list of complementary and relevant products that customers often view with a given content id.

Likewise, this can be used the other way around to recommend content on product pages.

Use it to increase average visits to products and to increase the average order value.

Raptor Web Advisor




Personalization across all channels and platforms

Become Relevant



Raptor Web Advisor offers websites advanced recommendation modules to optimize sales, improve product selection, maximize cross-selling, increase conversion rates and significantly enhance the user experience on your website.

Our personalized recommendations offer website visitors options that are specifically targeted to their unique tastes and shopping histories.

Raptor uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to create these focused recommendations.


Raptor Mail Advisor offers advanced recommendation modules for targeted sales opportunities. Newsletter campaigns will see increased interest from customers, increased average sale values, improved cross-selling and lower bounce rates by providing enhanced, targeted recommendations to users via email.

Raptor uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to create focused recommendations and provides full product information through this option.

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Raptor Ad Advisor offers customers one of our most advanced recommendation modules. Use this in web banner campaigns to optimize sales, improve product selection and increase conversion rates.

Our personalized recommendations offer users options that are specifically targeted to their unique tastes and shopping histories.

Our system’s cutting-edge machine learning algorithms instantly update recommendations as the user browses through the site.

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Raptor Behavioral Triggers provide advanced modules that help increase sales by tracking specific user behaviors. Use Raptor’s behavioral triggers to send targeted email reminders to customers. Alert customers when they have set items in a basket but have not completed the purchase, when they have visited a particular item frequently but not purchased it and much more.

Raptor’s Behavioral Triggers are highly adaptable. Their alert frequency and the information they provide our customers can be adjusted to suite your unique needs and preferences.

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Raptor Search Advisor re-ranks the search result of each individual customer based on their previous purchases, certain affinities, price level and current online behavior, all done in milliseconds. The Search Advisor is relevant for your business if you want to create an overview of a large range of products or, simply, if you want to provide the best, personalized experiences for each individual customer.

The Search Advisor is easy to implement and integrates with any search engine – we can even host your search!

Our search algorithms factors in a boost score based on the preferences and behavior of each individual customer.

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